Keep Calm And Carry On Fishing


(24 May 14)


The hooblah surrounding the bust up between a 16-year-old-boy and a couple of Cisco officers does shed some light over the little tug of war between anglers and authorities.

I confess that I’m no hard-core angler but I do have some fishing experience under my belt. Many days and nights have been spent baiting, casting and most of all, waiting, for that one catch that makes it all worthwhile.

And, yes, cursing the one that got away (well in my case, the many).

It’s frustrating for both beginners and experienced anglers alike, to live with all the fishing restrictions here in Singapore (well that’s it isn’t it, because we live in Singapore!). But I feel that it’s good to just take a step back, away from all the hate, from keyboard rage, from the government bashing to really understand why there are restrictions in the first place.

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